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I have to put my sister to bed and get some forty winks myself. Sorry that I mostly only replied to the Hogwarts Verse. Man, I didn’t get any work done and I didn’t even get to watch the latest episode of Gotham. I promise I’ll get to all the drafts tomorrow. You all have a good Monday! Take care of yourselves!

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 Well, I’m partly glad I’m not in Ravenclaw, then. I can’t study there,
    and this is a Study Hall, is it not? Then I’m staying here. I think it’s
    better to sprout wings than turn into some kind of furry animal. Now,
    please. I’m trying to study. ❞

It felt all kinds of wrong for him to hinder studying but.


"It is way past curfew, little serpent. Let’s say that there are no rules about being out of you dorms after curfew. Do you really want to be caught alone in the dark when the school poltergeist goes running amuck? The common rooms have protected wards against it, you know?" he sighed, rubbing an eye.

Brats were getting cheekier every year.

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narcissistic-nigma replied to your post:narcissistic-nigma replied to your post:yes jon…

// also u gotta see students with crushes coming jon is an angry dreamboat with a nokia what else could a girl ask for? - CJ

imagine jon’s face if he sees a doodle on a notebook with like mr/mrs crane he’d be slightly horrified and confused and oh the anxiety what does this mean? and he’d bury himself somewhere in the very depths of the library except when he needs to go to class and I AM NOT A DREAMBOAT YOU ALL NEED CORRECTIVE EYE MAGIC OR SURGERY I NEED SOME FIREWHISKEY WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME YOU ARE ALL TOO YOUNG FOR ME HELP I DONT WANT TO GET IN MORE TROUBLE THAN I USUALLY AM

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{ what is with the title omlg }

god of nerds master of books he will summon nerds who will fight for him and books are their weapons they will rule all

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( clinicalphobia )

 I said no. ❞



"What do you mean no? I realize I am not your Head of House, child. But I am still a Professor. So, when I say go back to your common room, you follow what is a sound order. It’s not like I’m telling you to suddenly sprout wings and fly.”

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narcissistic-nigma replied to your post:yes jon was carrying that nokia 3310 around just…

// gotta keep hannah from swooning over her teacher being all sexy like that - CJ

students with crushes. check. students spreading gossip about jon being involved with another professor. not check. not yet.

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yes jon was carrying that nokia 3310 around just waiting for someone to bring up muggle technology who the hell is the biggest nerd but him of course hes the biggest nerd hes ravenclaw head of house god of nerds master of books

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Disastrous Detention [Open to Hogwarts Nights]


"I’m trying to literally break the inherent magical rules of Hogwarts." she admitted, biting the inside of her cheek, then sighing. "I want to see if it’s possible to use scientific means to get around magic, though I am cheating a bit by using my housemate’s spells as ways to check if I’m on the right path." she felt her chest tighten, she really hoped Professor Crane was as cool as she thought he was.

"My current attempts revolve around trying to get my mp3 player to work on school grounds. Nothing dangerous like trying to introduce wifi to a bunch of purebloods en-mass." she tried to make a joke of it, even knowing that she could get in huge amounts of trouble for this.

The Professor stared at her like she had grown a second head and was stock still, eerily silent for a moment. That is until he procured something from within his robes and took out a Muggle device. A Nokia 3310 to be exact. And he slammed it on the table. Not that he was worried. The table would more likely dent than the phone itself.

"I have attempted to do the same when I was your age. I have had no progress with it, mostly because I do not have the money to buy the necessary materials and the school won’t fund what they believe to be a ridiculous project," he said, as serious as the plague.

Really, he had been trying to make Muggle devices work when he was a student! At first, it was only to make Granny Keeny roll in her grave at the thought of her filthy half blood descendant using Muggle objects in a place like Hogwarts. But then he found that he missed using things like phones and laptops during his time here. His own home was a strange mix of Muggle and magic, if anyone saw it.

"At first, I thought I’d build a Faraday Cage. But that would only protect the circuitry from the theoretical electromagnetic interference from environmental magic. It won’t quite protect it from magic inherent in a wizarding user. It would most likely require a whole rewiring, custom circuitries and motherboards but I know little about that. We don’t exactly have an electrical engineer in Hogwarts either. A custom casing for the gadget with EMP protection in mind could be an alternative possibility too. Or perhaps the Faraday Cage plus specialized gloves for the user. And-" he paused, realizing he was ranting.

aaah even in a hogwarts au jon’s nokia 3310 makes an appearance



…you do know looking in a basilisk’s eye WILL KILL YOU?

Well duh, that’s why I dramatically cut off mid lyric XP