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Hiatus (Sadly)

I have internet once again but its an on-off thing as I still have no job. I’m only able to connect occasionally due to having some freelance work.

So this blog is on hiatus at the moment, hopefully not permanently, not only because of my shaky schedule but also because… well Jonny boy muse hates me at the moment.

If you’d like to keep in touch or see more of my writing and picture editing, I started a new blog over at @aboulo-mania which has been an… experiment I’ve been wanting to do for a while. If you like CYOA and Visual Novels or just reading a story, you might be interested in it as it is inspired by those sort of games with a twist. 

It’s a lot more low maintenance (for me anyway) than a roleplaying blog.

I really promised I would try to keep active but things happened.



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@drscarecrowcrane said: //I’m right there with you. Job hunting is a soul destroying process, and my soul was shattered into pieces many months ago

It is, very much so. To make matters worst, if I don’t get a job by the end of the week, I’m banned from using the internet in this household forever apparently. That is impossible and counterproductive but they will not see reason. I need a miracle for this shit.

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i will murder for a job right now

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gingeelightningbug said: May or may not work but you could do surveys for cash. It’s usually only a few bucks at a time but it counts as a source of income.

Father wants me on full time employment, even if it is of the online nature. I don’t think he’ll recognize answering surveys as an actual job and still ban me forever on the internet. Why can’t one of my followers be magically some boss person who can hire me for an online job lol?

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My father has just given the ultimatum that if I don’t get a job in 48 hours, I won’t be allowed to use the internet anymore. Which is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. Who gets to find a job, get an interview and get accepted in that short a time? FML. HELP. 911. SOS.

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trying to get a job


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i swear i will actually roleplay tomorrow

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Remember when joker refused to work with the red skull because even he’s not crazy enough to be a nazi?

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